How To Prevent Hepatitis

 Hepatitis B can be prevented with a vaccine at birth, not all babies receive the va vaccine. Many pregnant women do not know they are infected, and unknowingly transmit the virus to their babies.

Without the vaccine, most of these will develop into chronic life long infections. This is because babies and children do not have fully developed immune systems and may not be able to fight off hepatitis B once they become infected

Hepatitis B can also be transmitted in other ways such as
1. Sharp objects- sharing razor,needles,piercings,unsterile circumcision practices/medical equipment, nail clippers,earrings
2. Sexual contact without using protection

Its important to be aware that there are many misconceptions about how hepatitis B is spread. HEPATITIS B IS NOT SPREAD CASUALLY

this means that hepatitis b is not spread through
1. Food/water prepared by an infected person or by sharing meals with them or drinking water from the same cup
2. Sharing toilet,sneezing , coughing, breastfeeding, holding hands, hugging and kissing.All of these things are safe and do not spread hepatitis b
Hence hepatitis B virus is only in blood and sexual fluids it’s not in saliva, sweat or tears

The good news is that liver complications can be prevented by getting tested and seeing a doctor if you are infected

Make a pledge to get tested, for yourself, family and friend


Functions of Liver

Functions of liver
It is very important to keep your liver healthy

It helps digest food
Regulates energy
Break down to toxins
Fights infection
Processes medication
Stores vitamins
Helps your blood to cloth

People can not live without their liver

A healthy liver can develop mild inflammation, which called fibrosis, which can continue to progress to severe inflammation or scarring called cirrhosis, or even liver cancer